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Informal Consultation – Closes Friday 15th September – Have a look at our draft and drop us a line.

UPDATEGreen Space has been a key issue in consultation. The link below shows the spaces within the Open Space Sports, Recreation and Wellbeing Strategy developed as part of the Neighbourhood Plan Task Groups and adopted by the Town Council. Local Green Spaces will be registered through the Neighbourhood Plan.

After two and a half years of gathering views and documentary evidence, The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has now produced a draft of the plan for further informal consultation with the Totnes community and this can be seen here Totnes Draft Neighbourhood Plan 

Totnes Public Space Map

The Draft is the result of extensive community consultation involving over 2000 local people and a whole host of workshops, stalls, surveys, interviews, meetings, tea, cake and chats.  Appendices and Evidence is set out in our Evidence  Page which has links to reports, Neighbourhood Plan Themes   and our consultations in our   community engagement page 

You can see a simplified version of the key elements here: Vision and Objectives Leaflet

We will be holding informal consultation over the summer to enable us to complete the Draft for formal consultation  in the Autumn of 2017.

Our routine meetings are held every third Wednesday at 7pm in the Guildhall.

Please leave us comments on the comments form below or on  Facebook,  via email info@totnesneighbourhoodplan.org  .

We believe that Planning should be good for the community, which is why we want to involve local people in making decisions about how Totnes develops in the future.  Please make sure you have your say.

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Mary Coughlan-Clarke, Coordinator