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Welcome to our Community Engagement page. We have now completed our Totnes Neighbourhood Plan Vision and Objectives and shared them via our website, local press and at our consultation events last autumn: 2016 Autumn Consultation events.  We are currently consulting on the  Informal Draft Neighbourhood Plan  and to date have received 240 responses. Contained here are the findings from the public events and workshops we have held so far:

Public engagement so far:

  1. A public workshop/launch in the Civic Hall, 2015, attended by 100 people approx
  2. A household survey gathering evidence on the Towns priorities.  Sent out to all households in 2014 with responses from 629 households
  3. A public drop-in workshop to share our baseline evidence and initial findings.  July 2015, attended by 150 approx
  4. A public workshop to update the community and share key findings and themes, November 2015 attended by over 60 people
  5. A housing needs survey sent out to households across the town. August 2015.  350 returned to us
  6. Workshops with 110 year 10 students from KEVICC, 2015
  7. A workshop with 30 year 5 students from the Grove, 2015
  8. A town-wide business survey, 66 businesses took part, 2015
  9. A public open spaces e-survey (returned to us by 150 people), 2016
  10. A joint Energy consultation with Dartington Parish, 50 Totnesians attended, Feb 2016
  11. A Totnes Industrial estate survey,  42 of the 81 businesses took part,  July/Aug 2016
  12. A review of the High street and business survey report 2015-17
  13. A six week consultation on our Vision and Objectives in Sept/Oct/Nov 2016, Nearly 400 people attended and 700 engaged via social media
  14. Evidence on Housing, Theme papers and Market page published
  15. Consultation on Joint Local Plan and analysis of themes to Town Council
  16. Six week informal consultation on Informal Draft Neighbourhood Plan Aug/Sept  2017, with an Exhibition and Drop In resulting in 240 responses, 73 visitors, almost 1700 website page visits
  17. Consultation extended until 3rd November for representations regarding Steamer Quay and revised Policy.

Executive Summary from our survey of the Industrial Estate, September 2016

Read here: industrial-estate-survey-executive-summary

Results from our public workshop on 28 November 2015

This workshop was facilitated by Planning for Real, national experts in participatory planning.  The workshop focused on activities and discussions on the key themes of the plan which include: where we live, how we get around, our public open spaces, our culture and heritage, our natural environment and how we make a living. There was also a table on potential sites for future development.  The data from this workshop, alongside previous data gathered will be used to help shape the vision and objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan. The event was attended by over 65 people.

This is the baseline data from our Task Groups that was displayed at our first public
workshop in July. People were asked to leave there comments on each theme.

Content from the Public Event in July 18 2015 _1_

 Photos below from the November workshop

Results from public drop in workshop, July 2015

This drop in workshop introduced people to what Neighbourhood Planning was all about and gave our task groups the chance to engage with people on the baseline data collected for the plan.  Over 150 people attended leaving over 300 comments which can be seen here.

Data from public event

 Photos below of the July workshop

Results from workshop with year 10 KEVICC students, October 2015

The Totnes Neighbourhood Plan team spent a day with year 10 students from KEVICC’s school this week to find out what young people would like for the future of Totnes.  The results can be read here:

KEVICC – Key Findings Paper

Business Survey, 2015

This was sent out to over 300 Totnes based businesses in November 2015, a summary of
the results can be found here:

Business survey findings

The original survey monkey results can be found here:

Business Survey Questions

Responses to Q.1

Responses to Q.2

Responses to Q.3

Housing needs survey, 2015

This was sent out to 100’s of households across Totnes in August 2015, with over
600 returns.

The results of the Housing Needs Survey can be found here:

Housing Needs Survey Results


In 2014 the Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group designed a questionnaire to find out peoples views and opinions about where they live.  The questionnaire went to all households in Totnes and the same questions were asked at a series of public events, including the Totnes Show, the Totnes Regatta, the Totnes pound and the Eco-homes Fair.  We also attended a U3A meeting and ran stalls at the market square and the Totnes Pavilions.  This survey process generated 138 responses.  Here are the results of what we found:  Community Engagement Findings 2014

Since 2014 we have undertaken a variety of other studies including a housing needs survey that was filled in by over 6oo residents, two public workshops, attended by 215 people, a workshop with 100 year 10 students from KEVICC school and a business survey responded to by over 65 businesses from across the town.  The results can be found below.

2015-10-10 11.57.37

Photo: Flag mapping at the Totnes Eco-homes Fair


  1. In response to your leaflet asking ‘have we got the priorities right’, I would say ‘yes, you have!’ I would only add that protecting the environment should extend beyond the ‘local green/open space’ you identify in the leaflet to include other areas of civic value e.g. the market square and adjoining car parks. Whilst you do mention the market square within ‘key community projects’ I am not sure that this represents a sufficiently robust response to the increasingly aggressive tactics of developers in apparent collusion with the District Council. Good luck with the rest of the process!

  2. mcctp

    November 14, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    Many thanks for your comments which will be communicated to the Steering Group

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