Totnes is unique within the South Hams and West Devon as a town which is a net importer for employment. All other towns have more people leaving to go to work elsewhere then commute into their towns.

The Industrial Estate and its businesses are a key part of Totnes which are not always recognised for their contribution to the economic health of the town.

To ensure this aspect of the town was taken fully into account in developing the economic aspects of the Neighbourhood Plan, an  extensive survey was carried out on the Industrial Estate in the summer of 2016.


  • Local and family businesses make up almost 70% of businesses
  • Markets are both local and international with public access to over half of businesses
  • There are both traditional and High Tec businesses
  • The estate contributes between 1/4 and 1/3 of jobs in town
  • The Green economy comprises approximately 15% of businesses
  • There is a significant contribution to young people through apprenticeships and work experience

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