The next Working Group will be on Thursday 9th July at 6.30pm held virtually and all are welcome to attend. The Working Group will meet to discuss the comments received during the consultation process and how the draft Neighbourhood Plan needs to be revised. The meeting will be held via Zoom and live streamed on the Totnes Town Council Facebook page – the agenda is below. The details for the meeting are:

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 989 0674 7710

If you would like to participate in the meeting please email by 4pm on Thursday 9th July to request the password.

  1. Any matters arising from the last meeting (see attached document).
  2. Chair to update on where we are following Reg 14 stage and outline of what is possible in terms of any revisions / additions as we go to the next stage of Reg 15.
  3. To work through the Reg 15 draft Neighbourhood Plan page by page.

Note: this version (see attached) notes in RED the various changes that have been made as a result of the South Hams District Council review, Consultants advice and matters raised at the public consultation. Please see the various documents attached which are the basis of the revisions [the response report, revised policies, and revised order of the policies and plan].

     4.To identify any outstanding tasks:

a. Maps – situation with SHDC

b. Evidence base

c. Statement of Consultation (draft)

d. Conditions Statement (Consultants to draft)

  1. Date of next meeting – to be confirmed.

20200709 TNP Working Group Agenda and Papers 9 Jul 20

Draft Totnes Neighbourhood Plan Reg 15 revision July 2020 v2

Draft Response Report

Revised Plan Structure and Policies

Revised Policies


In May 2019 the newly formed Totnes Town Council formed a Working Group to take forward work on the Totnes Neighbourhood Plan (TNP).

On 7th October Totnes Full Council were asked to view the latest draft Neighbourhood Plan and agreed that it was ready to go to Regulation 14 public consultation. This document can be found at the following link Sep 19 Draft TNP v8.2

The TNP Working Group is made up of Town Councillors and members of the community, with Cllr Colin Luker as Chair. It usually meets at 6.30pm in the Guildhall on the fourth Thursday of each month (please see the Totnes Town Council website Meetings Calendar for further information or at other times as required. An agenda will be published roughly a week before the meeting.

Previous Agendas and Papers

20200109 TNP Working Group Agenda and Papers 9 Jan 20  

20191106 TNP Working Group Agenda and Papers 6 Nov 19

20191010 TNP Working Group Agenda and Papers 10 Oct 19

20190916 TNP Working Group Agenda and Papers 16 Sep 19

20190829 TNP Working Group Agenda and Papers 29 Aug 19

20190801 TNP Working Group Agenda and Papers 1 Aug 19

20190627 Totnes Neighbourhood Plan Working Group Agenda 27 June 2019


202001109 Minutes of the TNP WG 9 Jan 20

20190603 Minutes of the TNP WG 3 June 19

20190627 Minutes of the TNP WG 27 June 19

20190801 Minutes of the TNP WG 01 August 19

20190829 Minutes of the TNP WG 29 August 19

20190916 Minutes of the TNP WG 16 September 19


The 2017 pre-consultation draft Neighbourhood Plan document has been revised following the work of the Task and Finish Group sub-groups – its still in a rough draft format as it currently undergoes professional advice, but the draft can be found FINAL V7 format Draft With Updates Apr 2019

In April 2019 a Green Infrastructure Strategy for Totnes was produced – see 180426_Totnes Green Infrastructure Strategy_V3_FINAL

Update from Cllr Luker – Just a couple of clarification point concerning the Neighbourhood Plan report in the Totnes Times today (Friday 11th October):

a) we are not awaiting approval from SHDC but receipt of their comments on the draft plan. Any suggestion made will be incorporated into the plan. The idea being that we do not want the Plan being rejected when it goes to SHDC after the 6 week public consultation.(details available soon).

b) Affordable / Social housing is mentioned in the Plan – the difficulty in Totnes is available land to build social housing. Any new developments will have a percentage of affordable housing included. Unfortunately, as we all know, affordable does not mean what it says.

If anyone has any questions on the NP then please email me or contact the Council offices.